Stephen BAZIRE joins Alderan’s team

Stephen BAZIRE joins the ALDERAN team as part of its continued expansion, in line with its AMF approval to create and manage dedicated real estate funds and the general public.

Appointed General Manager, also approved as financial manager, he will also be in charge of the development and management of new funds, will take care of all relations with the AMF and professional associations.

“I wish to bring to the newly approved portfolio management company ALDERAN, my expertise and my experience of the regulated world including OPCI and SCPI. My previous career in portfolio and property management companies will bring complementarity to ALDERAN and its clients. We hope that ALDERAN can quickly acquire its first SCPI and develop new OPCI Professionals (OPPCI) dedicated. Thus, we have just requested the approval of a new OPPCI ORGANA III, plan to launch ORGANA IV in the first half of 2018 and have just been named a new management company for the takeover of an OPPCI dedicated to a family office. We also wish to continue developing the Deal clubs in the form of Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) by purpose.

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