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AMF Accredited Real Estate Portfolio Manager

A high performance and committed team

Our business requires a cross-section of skills and rigorous analytical abilities. Alderan is supported by a team of professionals who have real-world knowledge of the real estate industry aind its challenges. Our employees take an ultra-personalised approach, meaning that you can expect unwavering operational reponsiveness.

Rémy Bourgeon


Benjamin Le Baut

Chief Executive Officer

Board of directors

Rémy Bourgeon

President of ALDERAN

President of the Board of Directors

Alain Mallart

Founder and President of Energipole Finances


Françoise Macq

Chief Executive Officer of Energipole Finance


Core beliefs

Performance goes hand in hand with value creation

  • Sourcing quality assets and researching opportunities
  • The ongoing search for lasting value
  • Controlling real estate risk to achieve optimal profitability

Tailor-made service guaranteed

  • Operational reactivity
  • Ability to adapt to the specific needs of each investor
  • Creation of tailor-made solutions