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Dedicated funds

Why invest in real estate today ?

The intended target assets (buildings where added value should be provided) are considered to a lesser extent by traditional institutional investors. Real estate out sourcing, maturity of products acquired prior to the financial crisis, and the need to replenish liquidity offer numerous purchasing opportunities. As a result, high levels of performance can be achieved from the time of the purchase deed, by releasing significant “cash flow”, making it possible to combine debt service and income.

Direct partnerships on transactions

Investment strategy

Alderan focuses on assets locatd in stabilised markets where rental rates have been readjusted to take into account new market conditions and offer our attractive investment opportunities.

Looking for rental sharing

Quality assets with a high rate of return

Leverage creation

Asset by asset holding strategy

Real estate management

Property management, Asset management, structuring… As a major player in real estate portfolio management, Alderan has the primary objective of creating value.

High level of proficiency in the real estate industry

Collective approach with all stakeholders

Strategic management and everyday management

Expertise in asset management, optimisation and appreciation


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