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The OPPCI (Professional real estate collective investment scheme) is an investment vehicle intended exclusively for real estate professionals. Governed by the Monetary and Financial Code and by the Financial market authority, it must be managed by an AMF approved portfolio management company. the investment is carried out, financially speaking, by subscription to the fund, which acquires building as property assets and manages them before arbitrating them. It is an indirect real estate investment in several transactions through pooling.

Comprehensive management

Our teams, which serve as an authentic link between owners and tenants, ensure assets appreciate over the long term. Ongoing analysis and vigilance, local management, regular and transparent reporting... we are committed to meeting your requirements.

Everyday management - Property Management

Alderan provides rental management for real estate assets. Supported by organisational efficiency, we maintain of high level of responsiveness through each of our spokespersons.

Painstaking attention to your needs

signing of long term leases to ensure rental sustainability

Rental risk pooling

Reporting and administrative monitoring

Strategic management - Asset Management

Alderan performs analytical tasks on an ongoing basis. We harness our knowledge of the real estate market in order to provide informed advice on ensuring the best value appreciation strategies are implemented.

Sourcing and implementation of investment policies

Multi-annual work plans for maintenance and renovation

Restructuring, re-leasing of division

Risk management and arbitration