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La SCPI (Real estate Investment Trust) is a trust that puchases real property. Intended mainly for individuals, these trusts are regulated by the Financial market authority. Each investor owns shares in the SCPI and becomes an owner of a portion of all the properties that are managed by the management company handling your SCPI.

Alderan's offer


Experienced and committed, our team has leading-edge skills when it comes to raising and investing capital and is fully proficient in risk management.

Selection of high-potential assets

Diversifying investments

Managing the risk/retourn outlook

Building long term value

Real estate management

Alderan handles all the real estate manangement projects associated with its SCPI. You have transparent reporting, allowing you to track and understand changes in your SCPI.

A proactive, reachable team

Seeking performance and value creation

Everyday management and administrative management

Regula reporting


Pending legal set up